Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Miss Me, Miss Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, NC Photographer

Y'all know how much I love homecomings! I mean, I honestly don't care where they are or what time of the day they are. I love photographing these special moments for my clients to cherish forever! And, I'll repeat myself, each family's story is incredibly different and I love sharing with you.

Like all homecomings, it seems, five billion units were coming home around the same time. And of course, the families don't really get to be told a hard time until it's a day or so out. This family wasn't any different. Because his final homecoming was in the middle of the night, momma decided to leave their little one at home so she could sleep. But she did bring a sign with baby's picture on it and dang! It was super cute!

I love the emotion that comes along with homecomings. She looked and looked for her hubby in the crowd of maroon berets and to her right he snuck up on her. But not too sneaky as she jumped down from her platform and ran into his arms. <3

I'm telling ya, photographing and experiencing it myself, there is no better feeling than having him back in your arms. (Children cuddles aside that is) ;)

She showed him the sign she made for him of their little girl. He joked that she didn't look as happy in his picture than she did on the picture momma made for a friend who also came home who didn't have nearby family.

These two. <3 passionate!

You can see the love they have for each other in every picture. This is just too cute and reminds me of two teenaged kids. <3

Welcome home soldier!

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