Sunday, October 11, 2015

Apple of my Eye | Maternity | Ramseur, NC Photographer

One of my favorite "go-to" models here in Fayetteville is this lovely woman. She always comes with the best outfits and rocks her sessions! You may remember her as our GYPSY and my CARNIVAL session. Well guess what! She's pregnant! ;) So of course we had to do a session for her!

We headed Millstone Creek Orchards and used their beautiful landscape as we took apple of my eye and nurturing to the lens. As you look thru my images, you'll see my classic maternity poses with gorgeous landscapes. I will refer to Will's concept further down with a link to his images as well. This is why I love photographing in a group, we all see something different in our art and it's fun to share our differences! (when he finally BLOGS his images ... he's as bad as me when it comes to blogging!)

Towards the end of the session, the wind began to pick up and was pushing her dress and hair out like a Greek Goddess. Of course I had to snap "just one more!" ;)

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