Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Daddy's Girls | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, NC Photographer

 This lucky Soldier had four beautiful ladies waiting for him at Green Ramp for his return from overseas!!! How stinking cute are the littles?!?!

Daddy spotted them in the crowd while he was in formation. Mommy and Daddy shared smiles and the girls were consumed with the excitement of the huge crowd.

 Then the commander began to talk ... the girls were over the speaker after he said he first sentence! haha! But they patiently waited next to mommy until the soldiers were finally released to their families.

The twins ran straight up to daddy and gave big hugs. Months of separation didn't even put a damper on the bond they have with their daddy! They were extremely excited to tell daddy all about their day and show him their signs!

Little miss was a tad apprehensive, but by the time their 15 minutes were up before having to turn in equipment, she was all about Daddy. And what I loved most is that even though daddy had been away for a while, he still knew how to handle each girl in their own way. Each girl got special daddy time before they had to be separated again.

Each shared their own stories with him and each allowed the other their special time. I loved watching this family be reunited!

Some black and white creative shots. I always try to get a few that tell the story in a special way.

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