Thursday, January 19, 2012

OpLove ReUnited: Two Lovebirds Homecoming

Let me tell you ... I love homecomings! Sure, the time schedules may be weird, and military time goes so slow, but the images I get of loved one's being reunited. Priceless.

These two lovebirds couldn't take their eyes (and hands) off each other after they were reunited. It was so sweet. I tried not to be the creepy photographer in the corner taking pictures of their intimate moments ... but man!, they were adorable!

They married just a few days prior to his deployment and really haven't gotten to spend much time as husband and wife. Just adorable.

With out further ado and stopping myself from sounding like a love sick teenager ... here are the photos! 

Got the phone call that they're on Fort Bragg!
The bus, the bus!
It was so cute. She ran to him, he swung her around and they hugged and hugged and hugged!

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