Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This year, I entered some of my photography in the 2011 All Army Photography Contest ... and guess what?! I place in three different categories! I won two honorable mentions and a 2nd place. I'm so honored to be among some of the most beautiful photographs taken by military members!

There will be an awards ceremony on January 18th, and I will share with you my experiences meeting the other photographers and actually receiving my awards. I can't wait!

Here are the photos that I placed in. I'm so excited to say "Award-winning photographer!" :-)

I won 2nd place in the "People" category. This is an elderly
man take an Mid- afternoon Break in Belize.

I loved the brilliant, bright pink wall behind him. I was actually shooting from our van window when I took this. I remember this fondly because we stopped at this store to get drinks, and since they reuse the glass bottles, they poured our sodas in plastic baggies and we had to drink it through a straw. It was awesome. LOL

God's Light - Honorable Mention in the Monochrome category.

I was just leaving morning formation during my Reserve duty and the fog was rolling in. The sun was hitting it just right, it looked like God's Light shining through. I had to pull over at this park and take pictures, I just had to. It was gorgeous!

Adam's Choice also won Honorable Mention, but in the Landscape and Nature category.

This was taken when my family and I decided to go pick apples at a sort-of-nearby orchard. We brought along my son's best friend, and as he was reaching for the apple, I snapped this. It was originally vertical, but fellow photographers mentioned it might be better landscape ... and they were right.

I love how the rain drops are so crisp on the apple. I remember we drove about an hour and half in beautiful weather to get the orchard, but when we got there it start POURING. LOL, the boys were hungry, cranky, and I wasn't any better. We ended up eating our lunches in the truck and waited for the rain to stop and I'm glad we did. I got some great shots of them having a blast and hey, won an award! LOL

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  1. God's light definitely shines on your photo career. Congrats,award-winning photographer!


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