Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here it is people! I received my three awards this morning! I won second place in the 2011 All Army Photography Contest in the People category and two honorable mentions in other categories. After being honored in an intimate presentation, I felt like I was on top of the world. After all, the contest point of contact said there were about 5,000 entries that had to be narrowed down to 1,800 then had to be narrowed down even further to the winners. Five winners came from Fort Bragg (where I am) and of those five winning entries ... three of them were mine! How sweet is that? So, needless to say, I was walking on water. Then to my surprise, I found an envelope on the back of my second place certificate ... guess what? I won $200 for placing second! Are you kidding me? How awesome is that? Especially since I didn't even know there was a prize as part of the contest! :-) Not a clue, so that was an awesome surprise!

If you want to check out my winning pictures you can check them out HERE.  And thank you to everyone who has congratulated me, both here on my blog and on Facebook — as well as in person! :-)

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