Thursday, January 19, 2012

More animals for adoption!

I spent my lunch with these adorable critters at the Fort Bragg Animal Shelter and Adoption Facility. Check them out! I love taking photos of these guys. They are all so lovable and just wanting a forever home.

I take the time to make these little guys look good because shelter photos make these animals look so pitiful (no hit on the shelters themselves, they have more important things to worry about — like feeding all the animals, watering them, loving them). So I've taken it upon myself to help these wonderful people find forever homes for these animals.

Here's are some examples of how a nice photo can change the way you perceive these amazing animals.

Doesn't your heart just melt when you see these beautiful animals in a professional photo? I really do believe that with the help of my work with the shelter, animals have been given a second chance. I love visiting and hearing that another animal (or two) have been adopted. It's music to my ears.

Now on to the rest of the lovelies!

This guy is Bob. When he was dropped off at the shelter, the volunteers noticed that his tail had been severed. Since then, he's had it surgically removed and is on meds until it heals up. He'll be up and running in no time! 

This little puppy girl has mange. It is curable, but she is on medicine and will need follow up treatment. I know I've said this a lot in this post, but she's is soooo lovable! She just wants to be petted. She especially loves behind the ears! She'll probably lose all of her fur by the time the meds kick in, but after she's cured, I know her fur will come in a beautiful gold! Look at those eyes!  

Because the shelter had a lot of cats, I mostly focused on them. BUT their dogs are just adorable! They've got small ones, big ones, and they're all in need! The shelter also has kittens and adult cats that'll snuggle with you all day if you'd let them! I can't say enough about adopting an animal in need. Every single one of my animals have been adopted. Out of the four, three of them came from this shelter! Hazards of the job I suppose! :-)

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