Monday, October 31, 2016

Sand & Sun Senior | Senior | New Mexico Photographer

Remember this gorgeous Senior from THIS post? In that post, I talked about her mom wanting a green backdrop and that they loved the beach. They're from NC - just like me! So, I was feeling what they were feeling. Even though the desert is gorgeous, sometimes you just miss "home's" scenery! Well, for the green, we went to the El Paso Rose Garden. For the beach sand feel? White Sands National Park of course! <3

Uh - I mea, HELLO?! How freaking amazing is this scenery?! She's stunning to begin with and then add the setting sun, her dresses, her personality .... gah! I was in heaven!

There weren't very many clouds in the sky when we were out there ... so the sky just glowed! As the sun was behind the mountains, the tiny clouds that did exist just made a beautiful backdrop for us!

She saw the behind the camera images of these and she exclaimed, "I look so grown!" Momma agreed. I hope that's a good thing ... I mean I know 16/17 isn't "grown" per say, but this young woman will definitely go places with her glowing character!

Book your El Paso Senior Session today! I also travel! ;)

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  1. Lovely photography! These turned out great Lyss! Auntie is proud of you in all of your efforts. -- Fort Peck Agency MT Family Woohoo, another senior!

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