Monday, October 3, 2016

Urban Model | Concept | El Paso, TX Photographer

 I was on a mad hunt for a model to work with here in El Paso, when Nicole contacted me, I was ecstatic! She has such a unique look to her and those eyes!!! <3 She's stunning! I pitched a few ideas to her and then we were off to be creative! :)

 I mean, come on?! I didn't have to coach her much, if at all. She knows how her body contorts and her angels. Her face is fantastic and show emotion. I freaking dig everything about her.

 She gives these fierce looks, whether looking at the camera or away. But she's the sweetest! LOL We were laughing and sharing stories the entire time. Great person to work with.

And when I asked if she'd get on top of an ice machine, she didn't hesitate. LOL I dig it. Thank you for working with me and my incomplete sentences when trying to explain a pose! LOL I hope to work with you again sometime soon! (And when you're famous, don't forget about the little people ... me.) ;)

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