Monday, October 10, 2016

Blue Hydrangea Southern Charm | Wedding | Elizabethtown, NC Photographer


These two. sigh. I love 'em. I feel like I watched them grow up in front of my lens. I know! It's crazy right? I mean, they're not THAT much younger than I am. But I went from photographing senior pics, to engagement pics to bridal pics! <3 And here is their wedding pics! I cannot wait for "bundle of joy" pics!! ;) -- don't rush though guys, enjoy your time together and love one another. This is just the start of your life together!

Each detail was well thought out. I loved the blue hydrangeas with the white roses. Wow! Stunning! And instead of candles or sand, they chose lockets for the families to be tied together. And her dress ... I mean WOW! If you took a look at her Bridal Images, you could already tell ... but dang! it was spectacular!


The smallest details were just perfect. From their personalized mens shirts, to her cute dress hanger and then there were those cute blue sandles and sigh ... the ring. <3

 The guys were a trip. Those light tan suits were fantastic at the log cabin. You know guys, they like to be styling, but comfortable and of course, you can't take the Southern outta a wedding ... These guys were great!

The bride and groom took some side time alone to read each other's wedding day letters and see each other's gifts. I loved this part because it's just an intimate moment when they're sitting in complete silence and reading what their love has written to them ... and for their eyes only. <3 And of course, we had to tease them just a tad with a special moment alone but without seeing each other. Each momma came in to give them kisses too. So sweet.


 These kids are a trip! <3 I love how they can have fun with each other. Love brings you together, but laughter locks you in for sure! Whats a marriage if there's no fun and laughter?

 You know what I liked the most? Probably my most favorite part of the entire wedding? This. She had both her Daddies walk her down the isle. They honored what she wanted most and made it happen. There may have been some bad blood in the past ... who knows? I don't. But they came together to make their baby girl happy. And boy, was it emotional!

This right here. <3.

 The families came together once more to pray for the bride and groom and it was super emotional to watch them. The love that surrounded them was incredible! The alter most definitely radiated when both families were joined in marriage.

And then they were pronounced husband and wife. <3

 Lu Mil Vineyard, in Elizabethtown is BEAUTIFUL. My partner, Tysha, and I were in heaven. We wanted to drag the bride and groom EVERYWHERE. There wasn't a place that wasn't pretty! But of course, I knew they wanted to get down and party so we took a few and man, I love each formal image we got of them!

 How stinking cute are they? I adore them so much. I can't say it enough!

Then there was the party ... again, details were beautiful and all the fun and southern BBQ! Fantastic!

Look at that cake presentation! Yum Yum Yum! And oh so pretty!

So apparently, the girls wanted nothing to do with the bouquet! haha! But the guys were all over that garter! Switch of the norm for sure! But provided some great laughs!

This crew knew how to dance! Lots of line dances and stomping! It was amazing.

Groom joked around about signing the marriage certificate with his father and her dads ... I'm sure you guys can guess how the conversation went down! haha!

Beautiful end to a beautiful wedding. We even snuck the bride and groom out when we saw this gorgeous sunset. Little do y'all know, but it rained before the wedding ... cleared up, bright blue skies and hot sun for ceremony and formals, and then when we went inside to party ... it poured again! I'm telling ya, if you hire Tysha and I, it might rain, but it'll clear up for the most important times of the day! We've had rain, hurricane, and tornadoes ... LOL - yup. And coming up next, another hurricane. I dunno about y'all but Tysha and I most totally bring you guys luck. Why? Because it's considered lucky when it rains for your wedding.

 Hey, if it makes you feel better ... it rained before my wedding to! Maybe it's just North Carolina ...

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