Monday, November 7, 2016

When it Rains in the Desert | Family | El Paso, TX Photographer

Let me tell you about this family ... We planned for this day for a while. She needed updated family photos for her holiday cards. We planned out location after some deliberation, a date, and time. All was ready to go ... then the weather forecast came out.

Rain. Yes, you read that right. Rain. In the desert. We decided to hang onto hope that it's the desert ... it doesn't rain in the desert!

Well ... it was looking good. Then we both pulled up to the park. Sprinkles. Yeah ... perfect timing right? We could also hear the rumbling of thunder in the background. We continued to photograph because ... the desert threatens rain a lot!

Can you tell it's sprinkling? I can't either! haha! These kids were champs! They hung in there and look at how stinking cute they are?!

This is the last shot I got when the clouds opened up ... I mean, not like North Carolina rain ... but it was messing up hair and my camera could have been damaged ... LOL. But wow! What troopers!

Come to find out ... this was a massive storm wave that hit the city. Some parts got hail ... like so much that it looked like snow on the ground! We were at a tornado warning and lightening was pretty bad. Did I see any of this? nope. LOL Not one single piece of hail hit us or our cars luckily! Like people got massive damage to their vehicles! I must have outran it on the way home and she didn't see anything either. It was crazy! We finished just in the nick of time.

First session of my holiday minis complete! Still have room to book more! Book today!

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