Monday, November 21, 2016

Familiar Faces +1 | Family | El Paso, TX Photographer

When I got the Instagram message from this momma asking about a photo session, I got a tad sad. Why? Because she was a client in North Carolina and I figured she hadn't gotten the message that I moved ... But NOPE! They live about an hour from El Paso and she wanted to travel TOO me! What?! I was so excited to hear this and couldn't wait to see the (then family of three) family of four! Since I photographed them last, the little boy was just barely one year old!

And now look at him! Not only is he taller, but he's a big brother now!

 I am so lucky to have such loyal clients that will find me over the years of them moving and the move I made as well as driving an hour to have their pictures taken! This family is so sweet and so happy to hear how well they're doing. I hope to see them again real soon!

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