Friday, May 1, 2015

Ivy Radiance | Concept | Fayetteville. NC Photographer

Jessica met with us on a pretty windy day ... LOL we were combating the wind the whole time ... until we went to our 'go-to' cove where finally, we made some fantastic shots.

Until then, we experimented with color and lighting ... my experimenting didn't go too well. LOL But Jessica was a trooper and held the poses for as long as we needed. I actually got some great black and whites by this amazing red tree ... lol it's black and white because my color experimenting wasn't fabulous. But Jessica looks great in black and white as well!

Then we went to my favorite location and stuck Jessica in the middle of an ivy patch (after making sure there was no poison oak). ;) Doesn't she just look fantastic again that green?! And the light ... gah, the light was fabulous!

The shot above was me experimenting again ... I know, watch out! haha! But after a few choice words with my lens and camera and Jessica, yet again, being ever so patient. I got this shot. I dig it a lot. I definitely need to work on my freelensing some more for sure!

At the end of the shoot, we went down to the creek where Jessica braved putting her toes in the water. Flipping fantastic. Can't you see why I love this spot!? Gorgeous Jessica! Thank you for putting up with us! :)

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