Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sundress & Clovers | Senior | Cameron, NC Photographer

Annaleigh has such a "girl-next-door" gorgeous-ness. <3 lol Yes, I'm making that a word! I was excited to find out my lil' photographer's group was shooting with her in Cameron, NC. First of all, like I said above, she's gorgeous and fun to shoot. BUT every time I drive through Cameron, I'm always like, "Why don't I ever shoot here?!"


It's such a cute little town! But look! We found a BIG ol' patch of clovers and yes ... I MADE her lay in it and was like, "I'm pulling out the big guns!" (My Lensbaby lens). haha! It gave such a hippie-dippie feel to the session and I love the out come!

But of course, my Lensbaby isn't a "whole session" sort of lens, so I busted out the 50mm again and did these amazing close ups of her. I mean, wow! right?!

Towards the end of the session, we decided to get a tad creative. As much as I love other's black and white photography, I still haven't found my "Happy-place" in my black and white editing. But this location was fantastic and allowed me to practice a more "dark feel."  <---- Apparently I'm digging quotation marks this blog ... hang in there y'all ... I'm almost done talking ... LOL!

Below I had this idea after finding this old teapot ... and I ran with the idea. I absolutely love how it turned out! The BW editing came out great, and the floating pot? LOVE. 

A little before and after fun:

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