Sunday, November 9, 2014

Skater Girl | Concept Senior | Sanford, NC Photographer

First time meeting Aamber for this longboard "skater" shoot. This was Tysha's idea and concept in Sanford, NC. What a cute little historic downtown! And how sweet was Aamber?! I mean awesome look, awesome shots, awesome time. I'm just gonna let the pics speak for themselves ...

I also challenged myself this concept and did everything via my Lensbaby SPARK. It's challenging because it's all manual focus by squeezing the lens ... not turning it ... add an almost one year old to the equation ... yeah, it was a challenge but I dig all the images! The Spark gives MAD lens blur to images and makes them give that "hipster" vibe. Perfect for this concept.

How awesome is that green door in the image above?! Super Awesome ... that's the correct answer! ;)

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