Monday, November 24, 2014

The Long Wait For Daddy | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg. NC Photographer

Every family has a story to tell ... and every homecoming is special in it's own way. This is why I love what I do. I want to capture each story and let the photographs tell it ... But sometimes words need to fill in the gaps ...

This little boy was super excited to be reunited with his "Papa." So much, that he even took off from his momma a couple of times to see if he could find Papa quicker! He and momma had driven a LONG distance to get here and welcome daddy home, but now he had to wait longer?! Man! But never fear, momma packed fun toys and games from him to stay busy with.

Even cuddle time with momma was needed as the stars shined brightly over the flight line. Now, waiting this long for any lil' boy is hard ... but I want to let y'all know something else about this special boy. He's autistic. I'm not telling you this to make him any more special than he already is, I just want to paint the picture for y'all as you scroll down further in this blog.
Finally the time came and the doors opened and Momma pointed out where Papa would be marching in!

But wait ... now I have to wait for a SPEECH?! Lol, he was getting soooo tired of waiting and even slightly fell asleep while waiting! ;)

But finally his Papa was released, and even though it was super loud in the hanger that he had to cover his ears .... he walked right up to Papa and HUGGED him!

What a relief for momma AND papa!

Papa even came bearing gifts!! LOL A Skylander and fun glow sticks!!

Yay! Papa's home!

But here is where it gets sappy... as the Soldiers were forming back up to get on the buses to turn in weapons, this little boys began to make a peace sign ... frantically. I didn't know what was going on, but momma's face said it all.

"It's two," her voice cracked. "He and Papa have a special sign and it's 'two ...' because it's the two of them."

She picked him up and began signing with him for Papa to see.

"I can't believe he remembered this!" She said with tears in her eyes.

And that's when I had to catch my breath ... I have seen many homecomings, seen many happy  tears and heard many people ask how I never cry at these things ... well ... this little boy melted my heart and finally let a tear roll down my cheek.

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