Saturday, November 22, 2014

Can't Wait for Daddy | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, NC Photographer

That moment the plane lands and pulls up right in front of your hanger ... it's priceless. Can you tell which one is my client?? LOL The one looking longingly out into the daylight? Oh yes, that's the one!

Here, big sister is pointing out the C-130 that is carrying her daddy. Yes, I said C-130. Now, I've done a TON of homecomings and there's only one thing that remains consistent ... NONE OF THEM ARE THE SAME! Haha! 

I can tell you what I've experienced, but I will always say, "Each unit is different!" And boy it's the truth! Here, the guys landed, got off the military plane (usually a civilian contracted plane) and walked right into the arms of their loved ones. It was awesome! No long waiting, not long ceremony, just sweet sweet reunion!

Big sister just couldn't contain her excitement! She just wanted daddy and boy was she gonna get her daddy!

I mean, look at that sweet face! She was so happy to see her daddy, she was crying. <3 LOVE.

Of course lil' sister and momma were just as excited! ;)

Lil' sis was just too cute holding her daddy's finger ... <3

 Have I mentioned how much I LOVE homecomings?! This was TWO of THREE homecomings in this week ... and the first of that DAY's homecoming ... the next one was later that night!

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