Thursday, June 6, 2013

Old Timey Side Bun | Pinterest Thursday | iPhoneography

Today I wanted something different for my hair ... well, let's face it. I'm in the South, I have semi-wavy/cury hairs, and it's summer. This darn humidity is getting the best of my hair. It's a never ending battle against the frizz and untameliness. <--- is that even a word? (I'm making it one).

Anyway, I've been wearing my notorious "messy ponytail, bun thing" for a while and today I just didn't want that. So, I headed to Pinterest to my many hair style pins and found this. I must have liked it a lot because I had pinned it twice.

Pretty right? Well, I set off to make the braid ... I made it ... sloppily because my arms were getting tired. I know, pathetic right?! LOL But my braid was higher than pictured and I just didn't like it on me. So, what did I do? I twisted my hair around the front and side of my head. I ended the twist with a bobby pin or two just below my ear and wrapped a pony tail around the loose ends.

I then fish tail (click on link to learn how) braided my pony tail and wrapped it into a bun just behind my ear, like the above picture. (I also loosened the the fish tail a tad before wrapping it into a bun). I secured with bobby pins. And Ta-da! There you have it, an old timey side bun look! :-) and the humidity hasn't messed it up yet! ;-)

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