Friday, June 21, 2013

A Lil' Flare | Engagement Session | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

Their first date was at this historic movie theater ... we HAD to stop and take pictures in front of it! ;-)
Sam, Kristen & I go waaaaaay back ... well, sorta. ;-) I met them while I was finishing up my bachelor of sciences at Methodist University. I noticed a small flyer hanging about a mission trip to Belize to work with school children and fix up their schools. Exotic place AND helping others?! I was all for it!Enter, Sam. Next, semester, another mission trip to Eluethera ... enter Kristen. Through hardships and struggles, I got to bond a friendship with both ... and apparently they bonded as well! ;-) Enter -- Engagement!! When they asked me to do their engagement photos, I was beyond thrilled!

 These two are incredibly cute with one another and made it so easy to photograph them! They even got to hear my infamous words "one more" like 5 billion times because their love just radiates off of my camera glass!


I mean come on?! How cute are they, right?! Congratulations Kristen and Sam! And I CANNOT wait to photography y'all wedding! 

These last two images are my favorite ... this was my infamous "one more" shots. I just love the sun flare and just them being them ... just perfect!

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