Thursday, June 13, 2013

Messy, But Neat Bun | Pinterest Thursday | iPhoneography

So, I wanted an updo for a plane ride that wouldn't get in the way if I slept. You know what I mean. You put your hair up and then you try to sleep but the darn bun or pony tail gets in the way and then you've got a crink in your neck or have to figure out some sort of yoga pose to sleep on the plane so that you are both comfy and able to lay your head back. You know. ;-)

I went to my handy, dandy Pinterest Hairstlye board and found this:

Photo Courtesy Ma Nouvelle Mode LINK HERE
Looked simple enough and easy enough, and plus I was sorta in a hurry to get to the airport ... so quick enough as well.

I first separated my front bangs and pins them out of the way. I then pulled my hair into a high pony tail, leaving the ends still stuck in the hair tie. Let, Ma Nouvelle Mode, explain in further detail:

I then just used bobby pins around the hair tie to make it look somewhat like the picture. It took longer than expected, but it was my first time doing it ... And I sorta dug the outcome, so I'll probably try it again sometime in the future! ;-)

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