Monday, June 3, 2013

A Boy and his Pup | Pet Photography | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

I had recently watched a Henderson, NV (my hometown) pet photographer on creativeLIVE. CL is a web site that teaches photographers more about their craft and allows them to see other professionals work and learn from them. Arica Dorff, photographer and owner for Pet'ographique, gave out some great tips and tricks to photograph animals ... so of course, revved up and pumped on this new knowledge ... I HAD to try it out on my own pets.

... Let's just say, it didn't go according to plan, but I was able to get some great, sweet shots of my boy and his pup. My "old man" mutt didn't wanna play along, which disappointed me because I have plans on putting these images in the "dog room" I have planned for my hubby to build while he's on leave. ;-) But, none-the-less, I got some adorable pictures and I wanted to share with you. (Especially since I haven't blogged in a while!)

Meet my son and 'Pedey.' They are so cute together, I just love them to pieces! I wish old man mutt would'av joined in on the fun! I was soooo impressed how well Pedey worked with me ... for treats!

 I added bubbles ... probably not the best of ideas ... 'cause well, both my son and the pup were so mesmerized by them, their attention was hard to capture. But with my hubby's help, we got them to look at least somewhat pleasant! :-)

A lil' blooper of the two of them! LOL Pedey is like "help!" in the first and he really had no clue what the bubbles were in the other! LMAO!
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