Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Desert Sunset | Family Photographer | Guest Vegas Photography

These faces may look familiar, I did another session with my high school friend but with her hubby this time. I was super excited about this session because she had gone location scouting earlier that day and sent me pictures of where she wanted the images. Her plans were for a gorgeous, large canvas to put in her living room of her family. No pressure right? But the phone pictures she sent me I began to get extremely excited. Though, she left out the part of having to climb a mountain! LOL

She is very lucky to live on the outskirts of our city where not many houses have been built up. So, at the end of her road, she has easy access to the desert mountains. She's like a mountain goat hiking up the mountain in boots and her husband is an iron worker - so climbing and heights don't bother him. Not to mention he carried the lil' guy up the mountain and also held the hand of big brother all the way up. Huffing and puffing my way up the mountain ... we got these incredible shots!


Here, you can sorta see how steep the mountain was! ;-) But hey, we got fabulous images, I couldn't be any happier with these!

A lil' blooper of the session ... LOL the kids were over it, don't you think? LOL

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