Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crescent Ham & Cheese Rolls | Pinterest Thursday | iPhonography

Sooooo ..... I may have miss last Thursday. I'm sorry. Did you guys go through withdraws like I did? I'm seriously addicted to Pinterest and I haven't even logged onto Pinterest since ... well, a while. My life has been consumed with kindergarten drama, photography (which I'm not complaining) and Army Reserve duties. BUT I'm here, I'm back and I'm sharing a Pinterest Thursday!!!

A while back ago, I had a guest blogger, ANNIE, who share with us her crescent roll PIN. She said it was okay, but wouldn't try to make it again. The cheese tasted weird and the bread didn't cook all the way. So, I took her suggestions and decided to try it my way.

I used thin slices of ham, pepperjack cheese and cooked it for a lil' longer than what the directions on the crescent roll package said. And viola! It was awesome! My son, who is very picky, loved them and ate 4 of them. Not to mention, us adults enjoyed them too and they filled us up. Quick and simple.

Little side note: We enjoyed them so much that they've become a regular staple in our dinner choices. However, I did run out of pepperjack and used American cheese on one of our dinners. Bad decision, this meal really does need the pepperjack to make it work.

Also, because I totally dig quick and simple meals ... I saw this PIN just recently and now have to try it! Crescent rolls taste yummy alone, throw in food inside it and you've got a masterpiece!

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