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Pinned it, Did it: Part 3 | Pinterest Thrusday | iPhonography

Week three of my Pinterest Thursdays ... and boy! I've been busy with my pins. Not as much as I'd like, but I've been working it.

One of my big projects going on right now is transforming my son's Wall E/Space themed bedroom into an Avengers/Superhero room. Sounds simple enough right? Well, with me, nothing is simple. I don't like all the cheesy things that come with children's rooms. All the themed bedspreads and wall stickies ... not for me. It was cute when he was a baby, but my plan here is to make he's room last a while. Because I go into a lot of detail when it comes to decorating, not only do I get stressed out, but my wallet doesn't like it when I get a re-decoration idea. So, Pinterest to the rescue.

You guys remember my son's room, right?

This was the picture that I decided that my baby boy is growing up and needs to have a big boy bed. He was so cute just sleeping there, but he's feet were hanging off the toddler bed. LOL

So, first move was to get a twin sized bed. We looked on IKEA and saw a nice simple bed that was cheap and would have worked perfectly. But then, we saw that Ashley Furniture was going out of business and was have a "huge sale."  Well, we went in there looking for a bargain — we didn't find one, but we left with a bed anyway. I tried all my negotiation skills (which I'm pretty good at, I lived in Korea for a while and visited Mexico a few times. My haggling skills are good), but not good enough in the good ol' U S of A. We did end up getting about 30% off the bed, but it was still overpriced for a business that is claiming bankruptcy. That's just my opinion though.

Any who, this is the bed.  The best part (according to my son)? The secret lair underneath, of course!
Stage one complete. Now, you're asking "What does this have to do with Pinterest Thursday?" Well, in the decor of course! As you can see in the pictures, it's still a space theme. So, with the help of my SUPERHERO BEDROOM inspiration board, I have started doing little details in his room. There's really no rush because I'm waiting on original canvas paintings from a dear friend, Chrissy's Creative Creations. She painted my son's Wall E/space themed canvases and well, who else would I ask to do an Avengers theme?!

I so happened to move his space theme to his duckie themed bathroom. "Mom, I'm too big for duckies in my bathroom," he said to me. I couldn't give or toss her beautiful canvases, so this was the perfect idea!

First order of business was to change up the baby blue in his name letters above the bed. Inspired by this:
Blogs, Dogs, Frogs and books ...
I did this! My momma must'av taught me right, because I just didn't have the heart to rip up a book to do this craft ... comic book or not. I just couldn't do it. So, I scanned the pages that I liked from about 9 comic books I found at a fun comic book store. Funny thing about the store ... I have never been into superheroes ... like, never. But since having a boy, I've grown to enjoy superhero flicks, tv shows, and books. This was the first time I had ever stepped foot into a comic book store and boy, I was in amazement! It was awesome! I highley suggest going to your local comic book store and just spend a few minutes (or hours, like we did) going through the fun, vintage and new books. I had a blast searching the "rubbage rack" to find books that people didn't care for because they were ripped or starred characters they didn't like. I found a few gems for only $0.50! Then, of course I spent up to about $5 on some of the more popular, like "The Origin of Captain America." But I got 9 books for about $18. I considered it a great buy, especially since I then framed them and now they're wall decor as well. Double duty!
Each letter of his name features an Avenger. D - Captain America, O - Spiderman and Black Widow, K - Thor, K - Ironman, E- Hulk, N - Hawkeye. "O" shared the spotlight only because there wasn't enough letters! LOL But I mixed it well, didn't I? I mean, Black Widow and Spiderman? Awesome.

I'm currently working on his dresser right now. I did paint his drawer knobs, inspired by this:

Of course, I painted Marvel/Avengers theme. I think they turned out great!

That's all I have for his bedroom for now. There is more to come ... just you wait and see! Did you check out my SUPERHERO BEDROOM board? You really should! There are so many great ideas and talented people out there, Pinterest is awesome.

A Pinterest Thursday wouldn't be complete with some hairstyles that I attempted from my HAIRSTYLE board. So, here you go!
The Beauty Department
This style was a little hard for me ... still getting the hang of french braiding my own hair. Plus, I didn't follow the blog directions exactly because my hair is shorter than the model's. I just did a messy bun at the bottom.
The Beauty Department
I did this style just before I headed to the beach. It held up great, but I didn't go in the water. Yet, it was windy as all get out on the sand, I thought it came out great!
This one didn't come out as planned ... plus my hair is too puffy and frizzy during the summer to wear it down. So, I attempted THIS, and threw my hair up in a lil' tuck thing and viola!

And there you have it folks! My pins for the week! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and don't forget!

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