Monday, April 4, 2016

Holi-Wisteria | Concept Model | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

With all the wisteria growing around town, I KNEW I had to get pictures with it. And then I noticed that one of my favorite models had bluish/purplish hair and was like "WHAT?!" This has GOT to go down!

 Isn't Joy gorgeous?! Her makeup was done by makeup artist, Khalilah Frederick, owner of 

 These live flowers were bought at Walmart ... can you believe that?! They were perfect!

I want to share something with you ... this location, it's not this pretty with the naked eye ... I know. Are you surprised?? I wanna show you a pulled back image of the location. It was a little field off of the side of the road, and not in a very .... pretty ... neighborhood. Probably not a place I'd take a client with small children to, but man, you guys. That's why I love saying that hiring a professional photographer is the best bet. Not just because we're "starving artists" but because we know what we are doing! LOL!

Guys, even the model's mom was like ... uh, there's better looking fields of wisteria near us ... LOL But look y'all, we got amazing pictures and the light was perfect!

Then of course, I had to really get to what I really wanted in my concept, and that was to add holi powder to my model to give it a more edgy feel. Pretty is good and all, but when it's a concept shoot, it's something more out of my comfort zone and I wanted to push myself.

Even though at the beginning I couldn't get the purple powder to look the way I wanted ... it wouldn't stick to Joy, like not even in the slightest! LOL So my photographer friends pitched in to come up with a solution, which was put water on her face and then fling powder at her. LOL

 It wasn't the look I was going for and I was really quite disappointed when I left the shoot thinking I had failed. But then I got on the computer and started looking through the images and I was shockingly surprised. Even though I didn't keep much from the holi powder section, I was super excited about the ones I did keep! This is why I will forever thank a photojournalist that once told me never to delete images from the back of the camera until you see them on the computer first. <3

Thank you to Joy for getting dirty with us and sticking in there while we figured out how to make my vision come to life! ;)

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