Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sunflower Summer Wedding | Wedding | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

Okay, okay I know it's been almost two years ... but weddings are so hard to blog because there are always so many fantastic memories to share! This summer wedding was even more difficult for me to narrow down images to share! Every detail was planned to a "T." It was fantastic!

This wedding I was with the groom and groomsmen while Amber Fite Photography was with the bride. Wow ... lemme tell ya, brides and bridesmaids are fun, but the guys? WOW! haha! I haven't laughed so hard in my life! And these were a great bunch of dudes! I love seeing the relationships that have been bonded and shared for such an exceptional event that joins two families together.

The groom was on it too. He was styled like GQ and was helping his guys get ready. Lemme tell ya, I haven't met two people so much in love and wanting to get married than this groom and his bride! They were so happy and excited and counted down the seconds!

See? The sunflowers and colors were everywhere! The bride did fantastic putting her theme to work. Wait till you see the reception!!

Formals? What formals?! Haha! These guys were so much fun!

Then it got down to business! The ceremony was moments away and the guys got the groom alone and they prayed with him and for him. What a special brotherhood!

The Cape Fear Botanical Gardens. I haven't seen this gazebo since my own April wedding in 2005!! LOL I loved the small touch of sunflowers down the isle!

Even a special seat for relatives who couldn't be present.

Look at him! He couldn't wait to see his bride! He was so nervous and filled with emotion when he finally got a glimpse! (She's handing him a kleenex) ;)

She too was so gorgeous and glowing with excitement! I'm telling you, these two are so in love!

So, a July wedding ... in the South ... It's a tad hot and humid ... you know? He had a little trouble putting the ring on. But he made it! And When she said "I do" He breathed a sigh of relief!

Husband and wife! Finally! These two ... oh em gee ... so much fun!

 This was their quiet moment after they walked down the isle as husband and wife before the bridal party joined them. <3 They just took in the moment. I absolutely loved that.

 Amber took most of the formals, but I did catch a few before I headed to the reception to get the detail shots!

 The main table was gorgeous! sunflowers galore and purple jewels! Everything just sparkled!

The bride and groom love dessert and believe in dessert before dinner, so ... what else but cut the cake first before partying!!! haha! 

What a great touch, MadLibs. Of course! I'm telling you! This couple just wanted to have fun and forget the stress and formalities for their special day!

For the bride and groom's first dance ... again, they took a few steps away from formal and did their own mash up dance to various songs. Needless to say, we were all entertained! They got down, boogied and spun!

Not all weddings have a father/daughter dance. This bride danced with her mother. Look at sister in the background watching ... <3 LOVE

And of course I'm a sucker for Mother/Son dances ... I'm going to ball when I dance with my boys.
The garter .... the garter is in there somewhere!! haha! Even the toasts were fantastic!! These two were so ready to be married and extremely happy to go home together that night!

The Bride and Groom thanked their guests by having a circle and hugged each one, then they sang, and then they danced. By the end of the night, they were exhausted! LOL Thank you for having Amber and I capture your memories!! And Happy Soon-to-Be Second Anniversary!

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