Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beach Beauty | Senior | Apex, N.C. Photographer

Lemme tell ya ... as a photographer who gets together with other photographers to shoot ... sometimes ... just SOMETIMES, you just aren't in the mood to shoot. It has nothing to do with the client/model, nothing to do with the concept, the location or anything like that. Just sometimes, because this IS a job, you just don't want to shoot. And that's how I went into this shoot. It was a long drive to the location, my little was a tad cranky, and frankly, I was a tad cranky.

 BUT ... that instantly melted away once I met our client and the location and the fact that my little could splash in the water while I shot ... man, I couldn't have asked for a better shoot! Isn't she just gorgeous?!

This tree is amazing with all the roots above the sand ... it took a second to figure out what I wanted her to do in the roots, but once we found a pose ... we got it and it was awesome!

Quick change of clothing and she totally transformed from adorable lake pixie to a hot and strong willed hippie. I mean, come on?! Look at the light. Look at her. I mean, gorgeous.

The below pic is an "in-between shot." At least that's what I call them. She was talking with another photographer and I snapped this as she listened to him speak. <3 Love it.

The next three shots below, I changed up my composition. I love when other photographers "break the rules." I'm not normally a rule-breaker, but I'm so glad I challenged myself in these shots. Definitely my favs from the shoot!

 Sun was getting pretty high by the end of the shoot and our shade was quickly disappearing. These next shots are black and white because I over-blew the exposure ... but as BW ... they're gorgeous! I love them! I'm glad I was able to "save" them by desaturating them. It would have been a shame to lose these images.

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