Thursday, June 11, 2015

Puppies Galore | Pet | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

PS -- This is 7 photos photoshopped together! ;)
Lemme tell ya about this session ... it was hot, it was muggy, there were mosquitos everywhere and there were 11 dogs... Do I need to say anymore I suppose?

And I loved every moment! I mean look at those faces!!! <3 <3 <3

It's a good thing these pups were spoken for because I totally would've left with at least three of them! They had me running back and forth between the set up and my camera. They had their human momma and brother running all around trying to keep them within arms reach. But oh my gosh! Look at them!!

Each one definitely showed their personalities. Rambunctious ones, shy ones, nosey, curious, playful and loyal. Oh. Em. Gee. They were fabulous!

Human brother let me even photograph him with some of the pups. He usually only allows one other photog (his favorite) photograph him. But He allowed me to snap a few and boy am I glad! Look at that smile!

The human family members kept one of the pups from the litter... They're 'Pandi" so of course I had to take a pic of him and his human brother!

So after sweating our butts off, we had another task at hand ... wrangling all the pups back to the truck. That was exciting and phew! hard work! But I still snapped photos as we did!

My lovely client also snapped a few pics of me working... <3 <3

Have I mentioned how much I love my job???

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