Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Hey there! Phew what a whirlwind of days it's been! I forget how busy you stay with a newborn in the house! It's a bunch of feedings, dirty diapers, late nights, balancing big brother's needs, cleaning the house when you can and trying to get in some one on one spouse time ... it's ca-razy!

But the good thing about all the craziness is that I love being busy and I actually thrive on it! I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a hectic life! In between my mother and wife duties, I've also started picking back up on my photography business. Not to mention, finished the Baby's nursery! I had to wait to see if it was a boy or girl before going any further! LOL

The majority of the things in the room are upcycled or handmade. And I really love the personal touch all of that brings to the room. (Even though baby isn't sleeping in the room just yet...)

This canvas was painted by my dear friend and fellow small business owner Chrissy from Chrissy's Creative Creations. I know have canvases of her's in the boy's bathroom, eldest son's room and baby's room. Not to mention a few pieces of jewelry! :-) Check out her Facebook page!

I made this mobile out of felt, string, ribbong and a foam wreath thingy. :-) I got the idea from this PIN that took me to THIS BLOG. It was nice to work on this with my mother back in Vegas when I visited to see my favorite band reunion, THE MONKEES.

Of course, this was the main reason why I had to wait to finish the room ... the infamous name in wooden blocks! ;-) I had to know who was being born ... Was it going to be Gunner or Clover? These are just plain wooden letters I found at the craft store and painted for the room.

Remember Chrissy, from Chrissy's Creative Creations? Well, her dad is pretty talented too! I sent him a PIN from Pinterest and asked if he could do something similar. Oh, he did better!

This was another PIN I found and shared for a mini Pinterest Thursday ... again, had to wait for baby was born. I think it came out super cute ... even though I put the feet (ears) too close to the head. But it's the imperfections that make it great ... right?

Great clock find right!? I got it from Target for like $7! Perfect color for the room!

This rocking chair was in big brother's room and was painted yellow ... but before then, it was on the side of the road with no seat on it. I hammered in some nails and wood to make a seat, sanded it and painted it yellow to match big brother's room. Now it has been spray painted teal and the cushions that used to have baby jungle and then space themed (for big brother big boy room), now have new fabric that match the colors of baby's room.

The crates on the wall came from big brother room. They were storage bins that went under the crib ... that oh by the way, was big brother's but spray painted and sealed white. The idea for the crates to be a book shelf came from THIS PIN and THIS ONE.

The flower table was mine and made by my late God-Father. He was very talented when it came to creating things out of wood. I wish he was still around to make something for baby's room! I also got the fun laundry basket from Ross ... for $10!

I made the curtains myself out of the same material I used to make the crib skirt.

And there you have it folks! My baby's nursery! I am very proud of it and had to share it with you. Which reminds me ... you NEED to photograph your child's room! I made a lot of things for my first son's nursery and big boy room but never took pics! I mean, why wouldn't I take pics of it?! I took pics of my son's Avenger room ... but the nursery and toddler room are only faint memories now. I cannot remind you guys enough how important pictures are! Even if it's just a picture of a room. It's a lifetime of memories!

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