Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Raheem | Elf on the Shelf | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

This past Christmas my family had the pleasure of meeting Raheem the Elf (and yes, my son choose to name him Raheem - don't ask). He sorta just showed up on our doorstep one day and my son couldn't have been more thrilled! Santa really was watching over him and making sure he was being good!

He started off sorta shy ... and he helped out a lil' with my photography business. One night, he helped put in a print order for one of my customers. He also brought us a Christmas tree! Pretty sweet right? But then he started to get mischievous!

He was found playing with my son's toys, watching TV and having a beer, having snowball fights, hanging underwear on the Christmas tree, eating ice cream and pie, parachuting, fishing, scanning himself ... and his butt (My son LOVED that one), hosting monster truck rallies and photo shoots and even played Call of Duty which my son isn't even allowed to watch! Through all of his shenanigans, we love him and can't wait for him to return! Christmas Eve was bitter sweet when we had to say goodbye. But Raheem, as sweet as he is, made sure my son was prepared to leave reindeer snacks along with Santa's cookies. Always a thinker, that Raheem!

Taken with iPhone and most edited with Instagram

Taken with iPhone and most edited with Instagram

At first, I really didn't understand this Elf on the Shelf thing. I thought it was creepy. I mean what kid wants to know there's an Elf, that Santa sent, watching his every move. Then I thought about it more ... What's so different than the Elf watching or Santa watching? Either way someone is watching you whether you good or bad. Why wouldn't Santa have a middle man to help check his list twice?

My son loved having Raheem in the house and even when he traveled to Colorado to visit grandparents, my son made sure to tell Raheem exactly where his they lived. So sweet. My son even flipped out when Raheem fell on him "making (my son) touch him." Have you heard the story of The Elf on the Shelf? You should check into it. It's a great book, teaches morals and just an awesomely fun thing to do over the holidays. There's even ways to incorporate it with Christian values.

Raheem, we will miss you but cannot wait to see you next year and see what kind of fun things you get yourself into!

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