Monday, December 10, 2012

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I was getting jealous of all my clients having these awesome portraits with the colors of Fall behind them. Every day on my drive home, I drove past a field and the way the sun hit the trees in the back ... I just knew I had to do a session there. And why not do it with my family?! Enjoy!

My boy is such the poser and I love it! GQ look out!
My son pushed the trigger here for the two of us. I think he's got talent!
I also wanted to throw in a little photography tip. People ask me how I find these pretty spots around Fayetteville. The answer? You have to look through a photographer's eye because these places are literally right in front of your noses! This area is literally off the road in between a Walmart and a bank. You can turn any most locations into an awesome location, you just have to know where to stand.

Exhibit A:
The most important thing to remember is that light is your friend. You can see the location isn't really much ... just a field and some trees. There is a road between the grass line and the tree line. (So, I was also timing my shots between cars driving by.) First picture I put my son in the chair with the sun hitting him from the right side. Even with Photoshop skills, I couldn't save the harsh shadows on his face. By simply shooting with the sun behind him (and a flash - yes a flash outside in the sun) the picture became so much more. My small tip for the day. ;-)

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