Monday, December 3, 2012

Avengers to the Rescue | Themed | Fayetteville NC Photographer

For Halloween, my son wanted to dress up as Hawkeye from the Avengers. You know how much we love SUPERHEROES! What is it with he and I liking the "not-so-popular" characters. (I'm a Piglet fan). It's hard to find anything dealing with your favorite character when it's not one of the popular characters.

Well, I'm not complaining to much. I mean, I always make his costume anyway. So, why not get creative and have fun with it? Minus a couple of curse words and I did.

I got the idea for the "quiver" and armbands from Life Sprinkled with Glitter

Basically, I took a simple vest pattern, sewed it to look like Hawkeye, realized it was too short so I added another panel of fabric underneath and then put a zipper on the vest. I took my son's old brown cowboy boots and dyed them black with shoe dye. Used good ol' duct tape, paper towel tubes and black fabric to make the quiver. Spray painted cheap "happy meal" sunglasses black. Black tank top and let my son be oh so fashionable in skinny black jeans (which I surprisingly found in the boys section ...). 

Now that I had this awesome outfit and an adorable lil' boy ... I HAD to do a photoshoot. I mean, who wouldn't right? Well, just so happens a fellow local photographer, Kristen Huntley's boys were dressings up as Captain America and Hulk. Hello?! Photoshoot! We also got a Thor involved, unfortunately, Tony Stark didn't get the message and we were Iron Man-less. But we had fun none-the-less.

Needless to say, we had a blast! If you have a themed shoot in mind that you want to try out, let me know! I would love to help your vision become reality!

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And to show some love to Kristen Huntley | Photographer, I wanted to share my favorite photo she took of the boys. Just look at that color!

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