Tuesday, November 5, 2019

It's November! | Family | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

Guys, we've hit November. Where the heck did October go?! I swear it was like here and then gone - like in 3 days. 'Cause that's all I remember! LOL

But, November is here, the days are shorter and everyone is FINALLY wearing sweaters for the cold weather. NC kinda got the news late that it was Fall. Halloween we were sweating our butts off, but then November 1st came and BAM!! Almost freezing. LOL

November also means that you're running out of time for portrait updates for your annual holiday card send out with the three page newsletter. Wait, do people still do that? I guess with today's technology the three page letter has just turned to a photo card since we all know what you had for breakfast just this morning ... amiright? ;)

I'm so happy to be photographing families this year that I haven't seen in YEARS. 1) Because I've been gone for three years and 2) Because taking portraits has become the least of our worries.


I guess because as the kids get older, we get busy in their lives - sports, hobbies, school, LIFE. I mean, I get it. BELIEVE YOU ME! I get it. LOL

I can always rely on the holidays though. It's when mom or dad looks at the wall and says "Well, heck - the last photo we have of all of us the littlest is a newborn!" Okay, maybe not THAT long ago but I mean - it's been years.

So let's get these last few weeks ramped up and update those portraits! I'd love to be your photographer - plus, we have TONS of fun!

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