Saturday, November 23, 2019

Deployed Love Part 2 | Family | Wade, NC Photographer

If you didn't catch Part 1 of these sessions, you should check it out HERE.

I got the opportunity to photograph families of deployed loved ones a few weeks ago and had a blast. (Deployed Love) Each family had such a great vibe and story behind why they needed these images to send to there hero overseas.

Some started shy, because he wanted daddy here. He wanted him in the photos with mommy and him. I fully understand buddy, I truly do. But we had fun right? Looking at HUGE leaves, smiling nice "just like daddy." We loved up on mommy - she liked that huh? ;)

We jumped for joy and kept saying - "gramma will enjoy these images too!"

And there were other reasons why they had these done and why they chose me. Losing a loved one that had the same style of camera as I, because she too loved photography. Cancer took her away, and even though she was the only one that has taking the kids' portraits, Momma took a shot on me. She even said I resembled her loved one. <3 I hope I did her proud momma!

Thank you families for hanging out with me and thank you Deployed Love - Fort Bragg for allowing me the opportunity to participate in this awesome event.

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