Monday, March 7, 2016

Full of Life | Family | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

I am not going to lie ... when the momma of these beautiful children contacted me for a session, I was over the moon thrilled! They are the cutest kids, like ever, and that's saying a lot because I see cute kids all the time! ;)

She wanted cute and candid shots of the children all to gather and some by themselves. She kept telling me, "I'm not too worried about my girls, my boy though, he won't sit still at all." I mean, really what 2 year old does sit still? I know my 2 year old doesn't sit still. ;) But she wasn't lying, he is just as rambunctious as my little one. But wow, his personality is the greatest! He was making me laugh the whole time.

And the girls!? So well behaved and just rolled with everything I put them through. I had them chasing their little brother, holding his hand, and pulling big sister duties the whole time. And they still gave me the upmost best respect any child (including my own) has ever given me. What ever mom and dad are doing, they're doing a great job raising these children.

And I mean, they obviously share a special bond and love between them that radiates off of them and inspires their children.


 Beautiful family, inside and outside. Thank you for choosing me as you photographer and I look forward to being your photographer in the future! <3

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