Thursday, February 18, 2016

Winter Belly | Maternity | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

This family SHOULD be having a baby soon!! If not already! This sweet family braved the weird February weather for a maternity shoot that was perfect! Beautiful family, adorable big sister and cute belly!

 Even though this is a photo shoot that is to announce a pregnancy and that a baby is coming, it also symbolizes the growing of a family. They are now going to be a family of four and the "baby" of the family is now going to be a BIG SISTER! I mean, wow! What a promotion right?

I love to focus on the siblings who will soon be big brothers and sisters because this is it. This is the last session where it's going to be all about them. Because the next session, the photographer (hopefully me) will expect big sister to sit and smile while I focus on the baby and get the best look from him or her. So why not spoil big sister just a little bit more? I mean, she's going to be taking on quite the role!

Why not take one more picture of just her and dad?

Why not just one more of just her and mom?

 I mean, why not?! ;) And of course, you have to focus on the love that is bringing this new baby into the world. <3 So pictures of mom and dad are a must too!

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