Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome lil' one | Birth Photography | Sanford, N.C. Photographer

How lucky was I to have been given the opportunity to photograph this family's HUGE event! Referred to by another birth photographer, I agreed to be on standby while she was out of town. Momma said that she was pretty dilated and was expecting to give birth about two weeks prior to due date. Knowing I still had two weeks and wasn't really expecting to take over the other photographer's birth … I agreed. Because, see, that's what we photogs do. We look out for each other. We help each other out. But to my surprise, I got a text in the evening after feeding and bathing my boys saying, "We are heading to hospital."


      How do you keep kids busy throughout the night? ;-)


Baby boy spending his last night as the youngest child snuggling up to momma. Gah! Melts my heart!

I half expected them to be sent back home as they did the day prior. But an hour later, "I'm being submitted now. Baby is coming tonight!" I jumped to my feet, got the boys ready for the babysitter, dropped them off, and headed to hospital in Sanford (about a 45 minute drive). I was SO nervous I was going to miss this baby as I had missed my last birth by 6 minutes!

BUT, I got there in time … actually I got there in LOTS of time! :-) Baby girl was ready to come out … but not just yet. She was going to make an entrance … on her time. :-)

The night came and went and still no baby. Then, momma said … I'm ready to push. And papa was prepped to catch his baby daughter. Let me tell you, one of the coolest things ever to watch! I mean, he was able to deliver his baby girl! <3

 Did I mention that momma's whole family was there?! her hubby, her children (three), her momma, her sister, her niece, her nephew  … oh man, the room was full of love. And you know what? I felt every inch of it because for that night and early morning, I was part of their family. I laughed with them, I dozed off with them, I cried with them, I photographed them. This family is truly special and I thank them for taking me in their arms that night. :-)

Welcome to the world lil' one!

As momma was beginning to nurse her newborn, the docs gave a biology class to the family. ;-) Showed them the placenta and explained all the parts. The kids were just amazed.

All ten toes and being shown to cousin and big brother! :-)

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