Thursday, June 5, 2014

Baby Glow | Maternity | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

I heart this family for numerous reasons. First, they're friends. Second, they are both military and coworkers. Third, look at those two gorgeous children. Fourth, look at beautiful momma with child #3! Fifth … She also is a photojournalist who knows a thing or two about camera and photography, yet she chose me to photograph this special moment in their lives. I'm truly honored!

I'll give someone MAJOR kudos if they can tell me what that pink tree is called. The blooms were just phenomenal and the pink petals were everywhere on the path of the garden making it look like it snowed pink! SOOOOOO pretty! But that light was amazing as well … and that glowing momma-to-be. Sigh. I cannot wait to meet this new bundle of joy!

 And a lil' Irish Blessing to end this sweet session. <3 Being a momma is the BEST job ever! (Dorry dads, but it's the truth!) ;-)

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