Friday, April 4, 2014

A Surprise Reunion | Military Homecoming | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

I got a message on Facebook from a man in Afghanistan wanting to surprise his wife and child. Awesome! I got another message from a woman wanting me to cover her husbands homecoming. Of course! Not once did it occur to me that it was the same family … until he wrote back and said, "Hey my wife contacted you as well. She thinks I'm coming home later but I'm actually coming home sooner and want to surprise her."

After lots of messaging back and forth and planning … we were able to pull it off (with the help of a mutual friend). He said, "She'll kill me if I show up and she's not dressed or makeup on." LOL <3


We were also worried that he was coming home in the middle of the night … he wanted to make sure everything went well. And to our luck … it went AWESOME! I loved this reunion. It was simple, it was quick and it was full of love and joy.

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  1. I love seeing the looks on the faces of the soldiers' families in these kind of reunions. They and their families make great sacrifices for our country. To see them happy and together again should bring a smile to everyone's face.


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