Monday, April 28, 2014

16 Minutes too Soon | Birth & First 48 | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

This cutie didn't want to wait any longer … she was going to be born whether the photographer was there or not… she barely even waited for the midwife to arrive! A beautiful home birth … that was so quick, I missed it! I was stuck in school traffic trying to get across town when momma sent me a text. 

"I think I'm ready for you to head my way. No rush though."

Well, apparently I needed to rush! After dropping my children off at school and daycare, I had used up about 20 minutes. Next, I had to get across town … another 45 minutes … but with school traffic, it took and hour and 4 minutes. I sent a text after getting through traffic, "I'm about 7 minutes out."

"Baby's already here." My heart sunk … I had never missed a birth before! I arrived shortly afterward and found out that total … I was 16 minutes too late. Or I like to say, she was 16 minutes too soon! :-) Come to find out, momma's midwife barely made it through the door before it was time to push as well!

I went straight to work photographing her first nursing session, cuddles from mom, measurements, little details, dad getting her weight and of course each grammas' reactions! One was on the road trying to get there in time and the other was dropping off lil' gals' brothers to school and didn't make it back in time!

She was ready to come out and nothing was going to stop her! I think that's a good indication of her future. She is going to be one phenomenal woman that will achieve so much because … she's going to get what she wants and nothing will stop her! ;-)

The above picture I caught real quick and new dad and his dad were chatting … I just loved this image! they look as stunned as I was when I found out how quickly baby came!

And of course, I stuck around to see big brothers' reactions to their new sister! <3 Later on that day they where going eat cupcakes and have a piƱata to celebrate their sister's birth-day! How cute is that?

A few hours later, I arrived again to do a First 48 session for the new family of five! :-) We even got their first "baby" in on the family photos! Look how good this pup is!

First 48 sessions include pictures of the family doing what they do best … loving one another and enjoying each other's company! But of course, we have to get a few lifestyle pictures of baby girl too!

Baby sister has two older brothers who are superhero fanatics! (Boy, do I know about superheroes and boys myself!) Mom has family portraits of them in superhero shirts … so to add to the wall, baby sister tried on her new pick Batman bow! :-)

And again, we needed to reenact another image that her brothers had with dad. Precious.

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