Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wild Things | Creative Shoot | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

So, I haven't been shooting much lately. I had LOTS of energy the beginning of this pregnancy, but now ... ugh. Is it October yet?! LOL BUT I've had this shoot on my mind for a while now and I luckily have friends who were willing to help me make my idea come to life.

Yep, that's a wolf ... well, technically it's a dog ... but it's a wolf hybrid. How awesome is this dog?! LOL He is just gorgeous and this family has three of them! Any way, I had this idea of a lil' boy living among the wolf pack ... Ta-da! ;-) The family not only had a wolf, but a lil' boy too! LOL How cute are they together?!

Now, with all young boys, I knew he was going to tucker out on me ... and I THOUGHT the dog would too, but he was killing it for those hot dogs we were bribing him with ... (metaphorically speaking. No one was harmed during this photoshoot) LOL

But guess what?! The family's eldest daughter ... she had a Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Um, how could we NOT shoot this as well!?

This image a lil' oil painting feel to it to give it the "story book" feel.

And then of course, here's one of the pup himself ... "existing" in the wild. LOL! (Of course there was much more to this photo than the eye can see here ... but if you look below, you'll see that the wolf was on a leash the whole time and like I said ... super friendly. Of course he likes his "people!"

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