Thursday, August 1, 2013

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The last weekend in July, I got to be the guinea pig, per-say, in a fellow photographer and friend's film project. William Harris of Darkroom Portraits is starting a film mentoring project to help photographers get back to the root of photography, called Digital to Film Project.  I jumped at the opportunity because well, I've always had an interest in film but could never get a darn roll to come out right. LOL! (See HERE of other film shoots I've attempted) So, with William's help, I was finally able to achieve a share-worthy film roll!

Here are some of my favorites: (a special thanks to the beautiful and patient, Patricia Dudley, the model for our session!)

The above image is my favorite! It just came out so crisp. It really surprised me and made me want to see what else I can do with film. (I just need to get a roll in the camera and go for it!)

Camera used was a Mamiya 645 with HP5+ film. I can't tell you much about the film, but William will be able to. You should check out his blog about the session HERE  (a lil' interview with me as well) and HERE (his images). Oh, and contact him to be a part of his Digital to Film Project as well! :-)

Another favorite above. I think I dig the close ups because of the rawness and crispness (if those are even words to use) of the images. Plus, Patricia has gorgeous eyes! Kinda made me kick myself for not using color film! LOL

We shot at Gillis Hill Farms. The place is gorgeous and open to the public for tours of the farm and just relaxing. I highly recommend the family checking out the livestock and maybe having a picnic there. It's like $3 or something to get in ... not a bad family outing. (Photographers have to pay a lil' more if they plan to shoot there.) Plus, they have homemade ice cream. We definitely stopped in to buy some ice cream after the hot and muggy shoot! :-)

I seriously had a blast with both William and Patricia and look forward to other creative (and film) shoots in the future. I have the "bug" now! LOL!

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