Friday, January 11, 2013

Playing around | Photog Get-together | Fayettville, NC Photographer

Messing around with some fellow male photographers at a super secret location and I ended up getting these four shots that I absolutely loved. I loved how the black and whites came out. I discovered a new editing style that I will be incorporating in my client sessions.

This cat is pretty cool. It was the first time I met Steve, but he's a pretty rad dude. And yes, I said rad. LOL Go check out his work HERE.

Rico is an awesome dude himself. I love his style. He shoots dark and creepy images and they really make you think. He knows a lot about light and isn't afraid to experiment. Check out his work HERE.

See, the thing was, I was supposed to be heading a themed, weird Christmas shoot. But the weather kept our models bundled up inside. So, I ended up modeling for the guys. I had a blast and learned a lot about light. I love photographer get-togethers! We share laughs, techniques, and tips. It's awesome.

Below are a few pics that they took of me! Check it out! I love each of them!


This was a cool shot that Steven got of the other guys working. Another photographer, Osvaldo, was with us as well, though he was able to someone miss my camera ... ;-) LOL I'll get him one day.

Steven got a really cool shot, below, with a slow shutter speed and Rico hitting a flash every so often ... Rico even made a weird appearance in my image. LMAO These guys are a hoot!


Osvaldo Equite is a military photographer and I had the pleasure of working with him during Operation Toy Drop.

He too is a very talented photographer who is up and coming. I don't have a link to his work, but if you Google him, his work will definitely show up! :-)

They even had me risk my life! ;-)

All in all, it was a great day. It was cool, rainy, and muddy, but we had a blast. I'm so very thankful that our local photography community is willing to help out other photographers and share in their experiences, teach techniques and just goof around! I know not many photographers can say they have supportive "competition," but I can! Thank you!

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