Friday, January 4, 2013

Has Winter Finally Come? | Art | Fayetteville NC Photographer

This morning it was 30 degree out there and frost was everywhere ... so what did I do? I took pictures of course! I literally pulled over on the side of the road on my way into work and snapped a few shots. What do you think?

I also tried out my new plastic (or toy) lenses that my husband so sweetly surprised me with as late Christmas presents. They are a type of lomography lens that can be adapted to my digital camera. I'm still getting the hang of the lenses .... but I think these images came out pretty darn well!

 These two (the one above and below) were taken with a lens that would normally be on a Holga camera.
I think this one is my favorite ... and to think, I almost trashed it.
 The image below was taken with a lens that would normally be on a Diana. It's called "Dreamy." You can see hints of the dreamy in the wisps around the grass (halos).

All in all, I think my quick little frost session came out pretty darn cool! ;-)

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