Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sweet Relief | Homecoming | Fort Bragg Photographer

This homecoming was different than the rest. After wife hugged husband and kissed, it was the kids' turns. Wife looked over to me and said, "I didn't think he was coming home this time."

My heart dropped. What an awful feeling to have when your loved one is in harms way, risking his life for the country. She continued, "When he left, it just felt different. It's a sweet relief to have him home with us today."

Remember that even though the media and some Americans have forgotten that we are still at war, the families of military servicemembers live in fear of the worse while these brave men and women fight for our freedoms. Never forget that. If your soldier has returned, hug him or her tightly because they are still with you. Thousands of children have lost their daddies/mommies, wives have lost their husbands, husbands have lost their wives, parents have lost their sons/daughters, and siblings have lost their brothers/sisters. Remember that we are still at war and remind those who forget.

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