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Loving London | Normandy Trip | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

Well, ladies and gents ... I've finally finished editing my London pictures. PHEW! And that's only my select ones! I have a ton more to go for my personal use.

As you all know, I went to the U.S. Army sent me to Normandy. France ... horrible trip right?! ;-) LOL You can see the U.S. Army photos I took HERE. Before we headed to France to commemorate the D-Day events, we stopped in London to do a friendship jump with the 4th Para of the Royal Parachute Regiment. We also go to sightsee!

I've been to London before, but it was nice to share in the site with other Soldiers and show them THE places to go. We hit Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Parliament, the Tower of London, the "tube," Tower Bridge, a cute lil' pub, and more. The next day, I ventured off on my own to see other parts of London that I had never seen. I took a Beatles Tour and the tour guide also showed me some Harry Potter sights. I also took a haunted places tour too! I absolutely love London; every inch of it —the historical part, the "colorful" side, the dark side, the dirty side, and the busy side. It's just gorgeous.

Here are some of my photos! Enjoy!

First, these were taken on the drop zone of Salisbury Glen, the same drop zone that paratroopers practiced their mission before D-Day. Gorgeous right?!

 Here's Westminster Abbey ... can you find me? LOL Also, what's a trip to London without a picture of the Royal Guard? Though we visited Buckingham Palace, it was way to crowded to take a close enough pic of the guards .... so, at the Tower of London, I got this stone faced guard. 

  These are some shots of the Tower of London. Creepy hallways, steep, circular staircases, and what about that mask there? How would you like to prepare to get your head loped off and look up to see the executioner's mask is grinning at you?!

Totally digging those blue doors with the bright red of the guard and the flowers. Awesome right?! This was also at the Tower of London.

 Again, another staple of London, the Tower Bridge. Nope, not the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge. :-)
And of course, Big Ben!
Gorgeous right?! Parliament at night.

Sigh, so romantic. If only I had my loves with me!

 Some black and white street photography. Seriously, if I lived in London, I would never have to go on a hunt for places to shoot! There's so many amazing places to shoot here!

One of my favorites.

And showing my roots, I found my maiden name in a couple of places in London! A cute lil' pub and a street ... which sorta in a way, called me old! HA!

 These photos were taken during the hunted places tour I went on! Creepy right?! The tour guide took us through these little alleyways I would have never found on my own!
This is an area where Todd Sweeney got it's inspiration. Based on true events ... Sweeney would lure his victims to his barber shop, slit their throats, and drag them underground to this hidden door. Creepy!
Here's the newspaper article from true events!

I had to take a picture of this for my son. Do you guys know about Wizards of Waverly Place that used to be in the Disney Channel? OMG. When I saw this on my way to Abbey Road, I giggled to myself. Awesome.
Speaking of Abbey Road ... here's a blurry pic that a sweet tourist from Portugal took for me. LOL After watching her family take walking photos on Abbey Road, I tried to ask her if she wouldn't mind taking mine. Well, I don't speak Portuguese and she doesn't speak English. So after a few hand gestures, we got it. But she was lil' hesitant when she saw the big camera I handed her. I tried to make it as easy as possible by putting on auto ... but, well, you can see the outcome. At least I got a picture! LOL

These were a few of the stops from the Beatles tour. Left was a public toilet that John Lennon  did a skit, Not only... but also, in front of, and the building roof top is where the Beatles filmed a live concert!
Harry Potter train station! Platform 9 & 3/4! (I got a lil' stuck) LOL

 Another tourist with a big camera took this picture for me. I have to reiterate, that it's just as important to be in your photos that is to actually take the photos! You want to remember that you were there too, and not just seeing the world through your camera! Luckily, in the below picture, the lovely Beatles tour guide from Scotland offered to take a pic of me for my son.

Speaking of my tour guide, I wish I remembered her name, but she was awesome. She was fun, informative and when I asked her just to point out the Harry Potter stops (she does that tour as well, but I missed it), she offered to take me to a point that was near by! Awesome right?! Then she gave me precise directions on what subway to take to get to the train station wall and everything. Have I mentioned she's amazing?!
A place from the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, as Harry and the crew are fleeing the bad guys.
Well, there you have it. My trip to London in a few photos. I walked all over that city. I rode a tour bus all over that city. And I ate in a pub and even had a few drinks there as well. London was good to me, but the people were even better. Maybe the next place the Wells Family lives? Hm ... we'll see.

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  1. I didn't realize that you got to see as much as you did...awesome!! Wish I could have been saw places I never went to in the four trips to London I've made!!


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