Sunday, March 4, 2012

Waiting on my Jet Plane | Methodist University Work Team | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

Well, I wouldn't call it a jet ... or a plane at that. I'm waiting on my lily pad hopper in Nassau, Bahamas to get to Eluthera. This will be my third mission trip with the Methodist University Work Team, my Alma Mater. I'm getting more and more excited about seeing Eluthera and the houses we will be eventually re-roofing. This will be the first time I won't be working with children ... but I'm sure I'll run into some around the island. I mean, it's only three miles wide and 150 miles long. I'm sure to run into someone native! ;-)

Here I am, being the big nerd that I am. See ... we have about a 5 hour layover ... for about a five minute flight from Nassau to Eluthera. I've gotta pass the time some how right? LOL People were looking at me with weird looks on their faces as I made crazy faces at my computer. I'm used to it, it happens a lot.

SWP will be offline and tech-less for about a week. But don't you fret your little eyes out ... I will have lots of photos to share with you about all the adventures I hope and will have on this trip. Take care and I'll see you soon!

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