Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"It's a Bahamian Ting" | Methodist University Ministry Work Team 2012 | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

As you all know, I went on a mission trip with my Alma Mater — Methodist University. I had a great time and took lots of pictures, while redoing roofs and tiling. Most of the damage left was from Hurricane Irene over a year ago. We worked on houses that belonged to widows, single mothers, and other low income families. We had a blast and I feel like we really made a difference in seven peoples lives.

And as promised ... here are some of my photos!

We kept being told about the "island time." Everyone does their own thing on their own time ... I didn't witness it. We were busy, busy, busy! Above is also an airplane shot of the island. Look how skinny it is!

Not my photo - but this is a great picture from a fellow team member. Captures "Bahamian Time" perfectly.
Above is the camp we stayed at with Bahamas Methodist Habitat — Camp Symonette.

Working hard on the roof of Ms. Lewis' house. 

The finished project with our BMH leader, Wade and Ms. Lewis.

Just a quick snap shot of Bahamian life.

This was another woman's house that our team worked on. Her roof was horrible! Two of our teammates actually fell through her roof ... don't worry only scraps and bruises.

Wasn't joking about the damage of her roof ...

Learned how to tile while in the Bahamas!

School children coming home.

We got the chance to go to an Elementary school to sing bible songs, teach a short bible lesson, and hang out goodies to the kids. I gave out my traditional glow bracelets!

This picture makes me want to go back soooo badly!

A lil' girl from the school. She won me heart when she said, "I like your hair!" LOL - Another school boy I met while roaming around a village. He said, "Take my picture." So I did.

Cute right? LOL Look at the little boy's face, he's loving his ride home from school with his big brother!

Here's the motley crew! This was on the Glass Bridge — Where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet.

Me, catching some sun!

Here's a little sea turtle! LOL I waited with three other teammates for what seemed forever to get this shot!

A buoy fence

Just one of the many boats grounded due to Hurricane Irene.

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