Saturday, September 4, 2010

Playing with Animals

The family and I decided to visit our state’s zoological park this weekend for multiple reasons. One – family time, of course. Two – long weekend (Labor Day) = fun, fun, fun! And three – Why not? We’ve lived in North Carolina for almost 5 years, might as well!

I loved watching my son run around and point out all the animals. But all he really wanted to see were the zebras — ah hem, zebra (single) that is. When we got to the giraffe and zebra exhibit, he was so excited. He got one picture of the zebra on his camera before the giraffes chased the zebra away. Yes, literally chased the zebra away. My son didn’t care the least bit; he got to see the zebra.

While exploring the zoo, I also began to practice my animal portrait taking skills. It’s easy to make a child smile or an infant be adorable, but taking a picture of a running ostrich … wow! I found the easiest animals to photograph, naturally, were the baboons. They were just hilarious (and of course there were babies, so how cute is that?)! Also, I’d like to thank the lizard that didn’t move an inch to allow me to practice my aperture! =) A thanks goes out to the busy honey bee that didn't sting me while I photographed him! I loved the lemurs, otters and seals, and the lion was just so majestic! Plus, the chimp who was so stubborn, was just GREAT! He stayed in the "thinkers" pose the whole time.  It was as if he was saying, "You gonna stare at me?! Then I'm gonna stare at you!"

Please check out a few of my favorite!

My son loved watching the seal swim underwater!
This lizard was a GREAT model!

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