Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Grumps Turn into Smiles by the End | Holiday Minis | El Paso, TX Photographer

Y'all ... sometimes family photos are daunting. Okay - most of the time family photos are VERY daunting. And sometimes - the kids who you think will be cool with the session ... just aren't feeling it. LOL But that's okay. We will roll with it.

 These cuties - I've photographed many times before. They know me. I'm not a stranger. My boys have playdates with them. But they're not immune to the photography blues. LOL But guess what ... we will roll with it.

See? You, your spouse, your child, or you pet just may not be feeling it. But I'll roll with it. I know lots of planning goes into your outfits and what you have planned for your prints. We will roll with it. Nine times out of ten, we will end a grumpy session on a high with lots of smiles and giggles.

Sometimes, we have to call the session and reschedule ... but I've (knock on wood) never had to!

So it'll be okay momma - we'll roll with it. I got your back. Because guess what? I've got grumpasaures too! ;)
It was hot, humid and boring for a toddler hanging out with momma on a photoshoot! <3

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